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Bandit - $250

Gender : 1 Male
Vaccination : up-to-date


Gina - $250

Gender : 1 Female
Vaccination : up-to-date


Fiona - $250

Gender : 1 Female
Vaccination : up-to-date


Carter - $250

Gender : 1 Male
Vaccination : up-to-date


Marvin & Alvine - $400

Gender : 2 Male & Female
Vaccination : up-to-date


Nemo & Dory - $400

Gender : 2 Male & Female
Vaccination : up-to-date


Oscar - $250

Gender : 1 Male
Vaccination : up-to-date


Raven - $250

Gender : 1 Female
Vaccination : up-to-date


Zoe - $250

Gender : 1 Female
Vaccination : up-to-date

What Our Clients Think And Say About Us

We couldn’t be more satisfied with the service provided by Infantry Ferretry. Everything was seamlessly handled, making the entire process effortless. It’s evident that other online shops could learn a thing or two from them. From start to finish, communication was smooth, and the delivery was prompt. Our ferret kit arrived healthy, happy, and well-adjusted, bringing immense joy to our lives. Thank you once again.

Matt M.

Our search for a local ferret breeder proved fruitless until we discovered Infantry Ferretry. They had exactly what we were looking for, and the process was incredibly straightforward. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, they efficiently delivered our new family member to us. Their professionalism and organization were evident throughout. We’re absolutely smitten with our new ferret, who has already become an integral part of our home.

Jennifer W.

From the moment Gracie was handed over to me at the airport, my heart was filled with joy. Since then, she’s become an indispensable part of my life, bringing boundless happiness and companionship. I regret not getting other ferrets sooner. They truly are a bundle of joy and have transformed me into a new person.

Barry T.

I just had to share pictures of the most handsome little guy who has stolen everyone’s hearts. He’s brought so much joy into my home since his arrival. Thanks to the invaluable advice provided by Infantry Ferretry, he’s thriving and constantly on the move. I look forward to updating you on his progress.

Joseph N.

Infantry Ferretry, you’ve brought immeasurable joy into my life. I adore him beyond words! He’s simply wonderful and never fails to bring a smile to my face. Despite initial concerns about his travel, I was relieved when he arrived safely at the airport. Feel free to share our contact information as a reference on your website.

Diana C. Thompson

Ivan and I couldn’t be happier with Louie’s transition into our new apartment. He’s settled in seamlessly and has already become an integral part of our lives. Thank you for entrusting us with such a wonderful ferret. Please feel free to include us in your promotions, along with our contact details.

Mariana Dias

The ferret I adopted from Infantryferretry.com is simply adorable. Not only did they provide me with the sweetest companion, but they also followed up with me twice to ensure his well-being. Their commitment to their customers is commendable.

Cathy K.

Receiving the opportunity to bring home a ferret from Infantry Ferretry was a dream come true for me. Their invaluable health advice made the entire process smooth and effortless. I’m utterly in love and couldn’t imagine life without my new pet.

mercy jones.

The team at Infantry Ferretry went above and beyond to keep us informed and address any queries promptly. They arranged for our ferret kit to be flown to us and delivered right to our doorstep. Their attention to detail was evident, right down to ensuring a precious cargo arrived safely.

Willie A. Michael

Infantry Ferretry made it possible for me to fulfill my dream of owning a ferret. Their website provided a seamless experience, and I quickly found the perfect pet for my family. Our ferret has brought us immeasurable happiness and we’ll definitely recommend Infantryferretry.com to others.


My lifelong dream of owning a ferret finally came true, thanks to Infantryferretry.com. Within moments of browsing their site, I found the perfect companion. It’s been 8 months since we welcomed him into our family, and he’s brought us nothing but joy and good health. We’re grateful to have found such a reliable source for our future furry friends.

Terry M.

Meet Bruce, our beloved ferret, who has quickly become a cherished member of our family. Thanks to Infantry Ferretry, our transition to ferret ownership was seamless. We’re already planning to adopt our next ferret from them. Thank you for our bundle of joy!

Janeen K.

Chewie, formerly known as Bruce, has stolen our hearts in just four days. He’s already spoiled rotten, and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Infantryferretry.com for helping us find our perfect furry companion!


Our family extends heartfelt gratitude to Infantry Ferretry for their assistance and support throughout the adoption process. Thank you for entrusting us with one of your beautiful ferrets.

James Beattie.

Though I faced some challenges with the delivery process, the team at Pet Cargo provided invaluable support and reassurance. Their professionalism helped ease the situation.

Alfonso Mate.

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